Sharp R-758K 220-240 Volt Grill Microwave Oven

Sharp R-758K 220-240 Volt Grill Microwave Oven
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220-240 volts 50 Hertz

  • Model No. # R-758K
  • High Power Quartz Grill Heater
    • The 1300W grill heater ensures that roast meat and grill chicken are cooked with a delicious brown finish, quickly and efficiently.
  • Grill Mix Function
    • A combination of microwave cooking and grilling gives food a crispy brown finish easier and faster than normal grilling.
  • Various Auto Functions
    • Cook your favorite dishes with the simple touch of a key
      - Auto Grill Menus include Grill Chicken, Grill Lobster, Grill Fish and Grill Steak
      - Auto Cook Menus include Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables, Jacket Potato and Noodles
  • Stainless Steel Oven Cavity
  • Ceramic Coated Metal Tray
  • 27-litres
  • Out put Power: Microwave 900 W , Grill 1300 W
  • 5 different power levels.
  • Carousel Turntable 325 mm (Diameter)
  • Outside dimension: 520 x 309 x 467
  • Weight: 19 kg or 42 lbs

220-240 volts 50 Hertz