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Customer Feedback

We are very confident that all our customers will be fully satisfied with the CMD-1500's conversion quality. So much so that we guarantee that the CMD-1500 is the best video converter on the market today! Find a better video converter than the CMD-1500 for even twice the money and we will give you a 110% refund! Plus we will pick up the return shipping fees too! Click here to buy one!
Feedback sent in by customers:

Hi VJ, CMD 1500 is far better than KDV 5000 meaning I'll keep CMD 1500. I did return KDV 5000. I got KDV 5000 yesterday, and sent it back in the same day (Jan 18) via FEDEX. Inform all your customers of this!

In terms of the contrast, clarity, jitter ........etc, everything, CMD 1500 is superior than KDV 5000. This is the truth. I have my co-worker, Kevin, he is our editor. He has the same opinion. CMD1500 quality picture is 98% same as original source. Somebody has to spend at least $5000 to get something similar in other brand. Anyway, I'm happy with CMD 1500. Exactly, I want to try CMD 850 to compare with CMD 1500. But, since you said CMD 1500 is slightly better or better than CMD 850, I believe you. Besides I don't want to lose shipping cost again, unless you won't charge shipping cost when returning one of them, either CMD 1500 or CMD 850.

Ok VJ, thank you for your time, Rudy

I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with my purchase. It was great to sit down and watch a show from the UK. I can't wait to get some more DVD's from across the ocean. I want to compliment you on your service and the great pricing. I received the machines in 4 days which I consider really great.

Carl C. Toronto, Canada

"Just letting you know. A colleague of mine just purchased the CMD-1500 multi-system converter. He had second thoughts so he took The Tenlab TR21 converter for a test drive. We took some hi quality PAL DVD material and used two respectable projectors from Epson and Infocus. All that using S-video terminals for better performance.

I was amazed to notice that the "top notch" TR-21 converter is not only double the price but half the quality! The TR-21 converter device is somewhat confusing, it looks heavy and made of hi quality materials. Eventually (I conclude that) the "top notch" converter is very light weight and it's technology sucks big time, it suffered heavily from an out of phase pictures, and unreal blooming colors, the main big problem was noticeable constant waves all across the screen. All in all there's nothing to compare to the CMD-1500...........

Eyal S.

"Feel free to use the comment, because it is truly a blessing to see such a great picture from dubbing! I can't wait to get busy on all of those other tapes! I have friends overseas who'd love to have some of my collections! If I run into anymore trouble, which I doubt, I'll let you know...especially with my Laserdisk player. :) Thanks For All!

Stacey Z. MO

Okay, this is also something that I'm sure I messed up on. I followed the paper, but must have pressed the 4.43 (?) on it WAS set wrong. Sorry about that. :( Anyway, it is in color now, and the picture is GREAT!!! I still have to use S-video though, and the converter instructions say not to use S-video to regular video combinations. I've done lots of dubbing in the past, so I know what I'm looking at on the back of this vcr. I must say the picture is beautiful. I love the player, AND the CMD 1500. I think you've answered my questions, I had it set up wrong. Thanks for you help.

Thanks Much.
Stacey Z."


I have got the CMD1500 converter last week and it works perfectly! cheaper anyway than the Samsung or the Aiwa!!! the quality is very good too!

Once again thanks!

"I had the opportunity to make a performance comparison between the CMD-850 and a top-of-the-line converter of another major manufacturer, the Tenlab TR-21. I had to conclude that the CMD-850 has a higher static resolution and far less noticeable motion artifacts than the other product which costs twice as much! The automatic input system detection provides great convenience and is implemented in a very reliable form. I was pleasantly surprised that while the converter is turned off it bypasses the input video completely without any intervention or distortion of the source. This eliminates the need to connect/disconnect any cables or having to use an external source selector switch. In its category and beyond, the CMD-850 is the best value I know of in multi-system video converters under $1000."

Zoltan T.

"......Great products, (CMD-1500 & JVC Multisystem Multi-System VCR)! The quality playing back PAL tapes is incredible and much better than conversions I was paying for in the past. A major added benefit I was not expecting is how the converter significantly cleans up and sharpens inferior VHS video images. How is this possible?!

Thanks again,
Dan P"

"I've got everything set up and am making PAL copies of my camcorder tapes to send overseas. I'm using the S-Video cables with an audio cable. When I set the converter to auto, it selects S-video and NTSC 3.58. I am extremely impressed with the quality of the conversion. It looks just like the original. I am also wondering if it may actually be even better to view on a PAL TV since they won't have to convert the video on playback? I had to convert it once to VCR tape and once to play it back so it would seem that viewing on an NTSC TV is a conversion of a conversion. I have put in a good word for this converter and I think you should advertise it on expatriate websites where there is always a discussion about multi-system TVs and tapes."

Nathan Macey

"Hi - Peter! I received the (CMD-1500) converter last week Monday. Excellent service and I am very happy with the machine. I am also grateful for the low price for customs.
Much thanks,

Trevor Z."
South Africa

Thank you very much for sending me the (CMD-850) converter I ordered. It works perfect. I thank you for your excellent service. Sincerely,

Knut-Ove Larsen

"I wanted to thank your company for the wonderful product that you are marketing. I received the delivery of my CMD-850 last week and across the entire week end I was watching my digital video footage that I had taken outside the US. I was thrilled to observe that there was no noticeable loss of picture quality and the product worked like a charm. I would like to thank you for the CMD-850, especially, because it saved me the botheration of purchasing a NTSC format digital camcorder."

P. A.


I've been a lot in touch with you last days. I ordered Pioneer DV-C503 multi-region and converter CMD-850. I've received them and played with them a bit. They are great. The modification with I.C.O.S. kit works great and I was able to swap discs from region 1, 2 and 0 without any problem or need to set region manually.

The converter is unbelievably good. The TenLab 21 converter (very high quality) was a reference for me. I was afraid that CMD-850 would not be that good and precise. I was wrong. the CMD-850 is the same class as TenLab 21 missing only bypass on composite signal when turned off comparing to TenLab 21. However, the quality of digital conversion of CDM-850 is unbelievably great. I made also experiment using the converter with very poor cable signal of TV (lot of noise and electrical interference). It filtered out almost all noise improving picture on my Sony TV! That's amazing since Sony TV's already have some electronics to enhance picture even with lower quality signal. I believe that CMD-850 design was a good engineering concept and a good design. Now the important part is that it is half of price of TenLab 21 (about $750)!"

Best regards,
Maciej Samsel
(Electronics and software engineer from Poland living in the USA - MSEE)

"Just wanted to tell you that I am really pleased with the converter. Much better than using the Samsung SV-5000W."

Frank. Burke. Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Film Studies in Canada

"..... VCR works great and the 1500 converter is a charm... We cannot tell the difference between the original and the converted images..."

Nigel F. - UK

"We got the JVC multi-system VCR and finally got to experience the CMD-850. I'm writing to tell you we are utterly delighted. For years we've been putting up with converted PAL videos, but now that we can play PAL videos directly on our NTSC TV, we see what we've been missing! The picture quality is unsurpassed. Thanks so much for a quality product.

Thanks again,
Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa"

"I received your CMD-850 converter. and ... OH MY GOD IT'S AMAZING ! I just wanted to thank you for making this INCREDIBLE device available online. And I'm NOT kidding... I usually never send product feedbacks like this but, in this case, I'm ready to make an exception. I've always been a fan of overseas videos & especially R2/PAL DVDs and I've been playing around with converters for 3 years now. My latest was the built-in converter inside the SAMPO DVD player. But nothing could prepare me for the CMD-850. The quality of this thing is SUPERB ! It must be the next best thing to actually owning a PAL or SECAM TV instead of a regular NTSC set. And it even comes with 2 S-Video cables !!! (even SONY DVD players don't do that,.. not even one cable..;;-). I find the design really cool and the frontal interface is VERY "user-friendly" . Dude,.. I REALLY hope Com World doesn't discontinue this product because I think I'll actually want to buy a spare in a year or two .. (just in case..). I'm so happy with it I give you full permission to put this review on your site,... (just replace my name with "An experienced electronics fan from Montreal",.. hee hee ;:-)

Have a nice day there......"

"We received it (CMD-850) today in the mail. It was much smaller, lighter and simpler than I had imagined, but when we plugged it in, it performed excellently. We get a superb picture. Now you have an advocate customer. Thanks.

Les A."

"I wanted to thank you for all the help and great customer service you provided me with. Thank you for your offer. The CMD-850 converter works really well and the resolution is perfect. Please know that I will be contacting you in the future if I need to buy any electronic equipment.

Sandrine B."

"Dear Peter,

I want to thank you for all the help that you have afforded me in the past month regarding the DVD player. It works wonderfully and the CMD-850 converter is the best I have ever come across. I will be ordering much more in the future and can't wait to work with you again!

Best regards,
Darwin S."

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