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Tape Conversion Order Form

VHS to DVD conversion order page
Please fill out the form below and print it. You can then send it along with your video(s). If you have more than one video, please just write a note on the back of the form with order details for each video. You don't need to fill out a separate form for each video, but please make sure that you clearly indicate what you would like us to do with each video.

Send a separate note with special instructions if required.



Company Name:



Cell Phone:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:

My original tape is: (Check your choice)
VHS          SVHS     VHS-C  8 MM   High 8  Digital 8     
Mini-DV     DVD       Beta Max

I would like to make a copy in:
VHS          SVHS     VHS-C  8 MM  High 8  Digital 8   
Mini-DV    DVD      Beta Max

My original tape(s) are in format.

I would like to convert my cassette into format.

I don't know format but I want it to play in (Mention Country)

1) Cost for first copy/copies (check rates online or call us at 847-455-1974):
2) Number of Extra VHS copies:  @ $8.00 Each
    Number of Extra DVD copies: 
@ $12.00 Each

3) Add shipping fees as follows (check one):

  • 5-9 Day  ($6.50)
  • 3-4 Day  ($18.00)
  • Two Day ($26.00)
  • One Day ($38.00)
  • Outside USA Call or Email for shipping rates

Please add up total price of # 1, #2 and # 3 above:  $

Payment Options:

  • Check - Payable at Word Import
  • Credit card:
    Name on card:
    Credit card #   
    Exp Date: