SAMSUNG K8500 UHD Multi Zone All Region Free Blu Ray Player CodeFree DVD
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  • Plays PAL and NTSC Region DVDs
  • Blu-ray 3D Support
  • Up to 4K Video Upscaling
  • Compatible with any TV - PAL or NTSC 
  • Full HD 1080p/24 fps support
  • Blu Ray Profile 5.0
  • 220-240 volts 50 Hertz
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Product Details

220-240 volts 50 Hertz

  • Has built-in Real Time Video Converter!
  • Region Free to play any DVD disc from any country, any region. Plus it works on any TV: PAL or NTSC!
  • Plays All Regions: A,B,C Blu Ray discs on any TV!
  • No Special TV is required, works with any TV!!
  • Lifetime Region Free Warranty!
  • Stream Youtube, Netflix, Vudu, Picasa, Pandora and more!!


Other companies that sell you a region free blu ray player will tell you not to upgrade the firmware in the player. This is because they use cheaper modifications which disable the region free functionality of the player after the firmware update. Our players are fully firmware upgradeable players. So don't be fooled into buying a player from a company that tells you not to firmware update the player!!


Our model is our own modified special version which has region free DVD playback and PAL NTSC Converter! With our Sony BDP-S3500 model you can play all your DVDs from any country plus your Blu Rays from Region A, B, and C on any TV in the World!!

The Sony Network Blu-ray Disc player BDP-S3500 brings you breathtaking high-definition images and the highest quality audio in the world! You’ll marvel at the clarity and full-color spectrum of every scene, while Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, LPCM, DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS decoding pulls you into the action.

Sony technology also offers backward compatibility with your legacy CDs and DVDs. NetCast Entertainment Access brings the best internet services directly to your TV - no computer required. Right on your couch, you can enjoy everything listed below: instantly access movies and TV shows, news and weather and the world’s largest library of HD movies in 1080p.

One HDMI port connects to your HDTV Home Theater System or other digital device. Combination of excellent image quality, super fast loading times and its currently unbeatable feature set make it the one you’ve waited for!


  • Playback of Blu-Ray discs from region A, B, C only. See Region Code Chart by Country

  • NEW! Built-in Real Time PAL NTSC converter function allows you to play any PAL or NTSC DVD on any TV World Wide!
  • Built-in Real Time Video Converter! This Sony model has real time conversion so it will give you the exact same video as the original without any loss!
  • Also plays Blu-ray Disc, BD-R/RE, DVD, DVD±R/RW, Audio CD, CD- R/RW
  • Plays Blu-ray high-definition discs with selectable output resolution of 1080p signals available through HDMI only or 720p/1080i signals available through HDMI or component video.
  • Also upconverts your normal DVDs to 1080p for best viewing on HDTVs!
  • Dual Voltage 110-240 Volt 50/60 Hz to use World Wide

Play PlayStation 3 games without a console and watch Blu-ray and HD content through the SAMSUNG K8500 UHD Multi Zone All Region Free Blu Ray Player CodeFree DVD It features PlayStation Now, which will allow you to stream and play PlayStation 3 games with your DUALSHOCK 4 controller(DUALSHOCK 4 controller - sold separately), but without a console. The BDP-S1700 also supports full HD 1080p Blu-ray disc playback from its HDMI output, and can upscale standard DVDs to 1080p quality.

It provides access to over 300 streaming services which can allow you to play movies, TV shows, music, and more with a valid subscription and broadband connection.

The SAMSUNG K8500 is also compatible with many file and audio formats. It supports high-resolution audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio for a dynamic surround sound experience. The USB port allows you to connect peripherals such as thumb drives for easy playback of a variety of file types.

Special Features:

  • Built-in NTSCPAL Converter - Only By Multi-System
  • TRUE 4K UHD / HDR Universal Blu Ray Disc Player
  • Plays All Blu Ray Regions: A, B, C (Select your option A only or ABC) 
  • Plays All-Region DVDs: Region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 0
  • Built-in NTSCPAL Converter
  • Plays PAL and NTSC Region DVDs
  • Blu-ray 3D Support
  • Up to 4K Video Upscaling
  • Includes PRO World Class Modification with Lifetime guarantee on our Modification
  • Compatible with any TV - PAL or NTSC 
  • Full HD 1080p/24 fps support
  • Blu Ray Profile 5.0
  • Our upgrades are guaranteed to work with any future firmware updates 
  • 110/220V 50/60 Hz (for worldwide use, international buyers: we will include a free plug adapter for your country)

Premium Content

  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Netflix
  • Samsung Smart Hub
  • Smart Blu Ray with Full Web Browser
  • Samsung Apps 
  • MuzuTV
  • EarthCam
  • W-Network
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Cinema Now
  • M-GO
  • YuppTV
  • AccuWeather

At first glancetop surface is actually flat; only the front face curves slightly outward, producing the optical illusion that the whole device gently arcs. The front consists of two curved surfaces that angle outward and meet at a prominent front edge. The top surface holds Eject, Play/Pause, Power, and Stop buttons, along with two indicator lights. The bottom surface holds the disc drive tray and a USB 3.0 port. The back of the player offers a single HDMI output for video, along with a second HDMI output dedicated to audio, an optical audio output, and an Ethernet port.

The remote is a small, simple 5.4-inch black candy bar. The center of the remote holds a prominent square navigation pad flanked by menu buttons. Playback controls sit above the pad, while four color buttons and simple television controls (Power, Source, Volume Up/Down) are below. It lacks the precise air mouse/touchpad controls of Samsung's high-end HDTVs, but it's perfectly usable. 


The player offers plenty of streaming services and apps through the Samsung Apps platform. You can access Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, and YouTube for video and Pandora, SiriusXM, and Spotify for music, as well as dozens of other apps for news, social networks, sports, and weather. The K8500 has 1.66GB of onboard storage, which should be more than enough for your streaming and information needs.

Besides Samsung Apps, the player features a Web browser. Since the remote doesn't offer mouse-like abilities, navigation can be awkward. If you have a recent Samsung smartphone or tablet, you can also mirror your screen to the K8500.

Ultra HD Blu-ray Performance
Unlike when the first Blu-ray players hit the market, the K8500 loads discs very quickly. The K8500 got to the opening menus of the Ultra HD Blu-ray versions of Mad Max: Fury Roadand X-Men: Days of Future Past in less than 20 seconds each. While we don't have other Ultra HD Blu-ray players to compare it with, this is fast when measured against the first Blu-ray players and 1080p Blu-ray Discs, which easily took a full minute to start playing. Other current players regularly take around 10 to 20 seconds to load discs, putting the K8500 in line with the most recent technology used for standard Blu-ray discs.

Ultra HD Blu-ray discs can be encoded with high dynamic range (HDR) video, which sends a wider range of brightness, darkness, and color levels to the connected television than standard HD video signals. When connected to an HDR-compatible television, the K8500 played HDR video from both Mad Max: Fury Road and X-Men: Days of Future Past without a problem. If the connected television doesn't support HDR, the player accounts for that and sends a standard signal.

For audio, the K8500 supports Dolby True HD and DTS-HD surround sound formats, along with 7.1-channel Dolby Digital. This is powerful for conventional Blu-ray players, but Ultra HD Blu-ray discs can be also encoded with the more advanced Dolby Atmos and DTS-X audio. Those formats incorporate much more positional sound information than conventional 5.1- and 7.1-channel surround sound to produce a more immersive experience. The K8500 doesn't officially support Dolby Atmos or DTS-X, but readers have reported that the player can send these formats to a compatible receiver. We've been unable to test this.

Ultra HD 4K Playback & Upscaling: With stunning UHD 4K, Samsung's UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player gives you 4x the resolution of full 1080p HD and boasts incredibly life-like images with a level of detail and clarity like never before. You can even upscale your favorite non-4K video content and enjoy it in 4K Ultra-HD (3,840 x 2,160) with this Samsung UHD Blu-ray Player and your Ultra HD TV.

Note: To enjoy 4K, you must have a compatible 4K television connected to the UHD Blu-ray player via HDMI.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Video: With HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, the Ultra HD Blu-ray Player delivers dynamic UHD content in exceptional quality with a greater range of color contrast and brightness, enhancing details from the original film format. Experience sharp contrasts and brightness with deeper blacks and brighter whites.

WCR (Wider Color Range): The Samsung UBD-K8500 supports up to 4:4:4 chroma subsampling for full color data rendering of ultra high-definition video. This allows the Ultra HD Blu-ray player to offer twice the color range of existing conventional Blu-ray players and 64x higher color expressions, surpassing the digital cinema standard. As a result, you'll get to enjoy realistic picture quality like never before.

Deep Color & x.v. Color: Deep Color allows more accurate color reproduction with deep color depth. The Samsung UBD-K8500 must be connected to a Deep Color compatible TV via HDMI for this feature to function. The UBD-K8500 also supports x.v.Color; meaning it's ready for x.v.Color discs, such as AVCHD discs (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format).

Movie Frame (24fps): Movies are typically recorded on film with a frame rate of 24fps (frames-per-second). When a movie is transferred to Ultra HD Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc at 24 frames per second, the UBD-K8500 will output that signal to the TV at a resolution of 1080i, 1080p, or 2160p with no need for conversion for improved picture quality when watching a movie.

Full HD 3D: The Samsung UBD-K8500 UHD Blu-ray disc player supports 3D playback of high-definition  (720p/1080p) 3D Blu-ray discs when connected to a 3D-Ready HDTV via HDMI, along with wearing a pair 3D vision glasses..

Backward Compatibility: 
In addition to Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, the K8500 is backward compatible with both standard Blu-ray and DVD media. Since Ultra HD Blu-ray is such a new format, it's good to see that the first player we've tested works so well. It's fast, plays HDR 4K with ease, and upconverts 1080p Blu-ray discs quite well.


4K Ultra HD 

  • Play 4K Ultra HD movies at 4x the resolution of full 1080p HD, letting you watch your favorite scenes with a level of detail and clarity like never before
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) 
    HDR allows for a greater range of color contrast and brightness, enhancing details from the original film format
  • Wider Color Range 
    Capable of producing 2x the color range of a conventional Blu-ray player. The Ultra HD Blu-ray reveals more colors than you've ever seen before
  • Smart Blu-ray Player 
    Watch 4K movies and shows from your favorite streaming services. Turn any TV into the ultimate home entertainment hub with full access to all your favorite web and TV content, including games, movies, smart apps, and videos. Plus, with the UHD Upscaling feature, all your low definition content will automatically refine to near UHD, giving you a crystal clear picture at 4x the resolution of full HD. Watch all your TV shows and movies in near 4K quality
  • Universal Disc Player 
    Play all your music CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs on one device. Enjoy all your movies and shows in near UHD quality
  • Built-In Wi-Fi 
    Sync and stream all your favorite TV shows, games, apps, and more with built-in wireless. Access and share your TV and multimedia content from your PC and mobile devices for a truly connected home media experience
  • HDMI 
    Enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and sports with higher quality audio. The HDMI® connection transmits digital video and audio over a single cable, delivering a superior entertainment experience
  • DTS HD Master Audio 
    Enjoy the ultimate in digital sound quality on all your favorite movies, TV shows, and streaming content. Dolby® Digital Plus optimizes your entertainment experience with enhanced sound richness and clarity
  • Dolby TrueHD 
    Enjoy near studio-quality HD audio with your home entertainment system


Playback Formats

  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-4
  • JPEG
  • AVCHD 4.1
  • MVK
  • WMV
  • MPO
  • MP3
  • LPCM
  • AAC
  • WMA
  • FLAC

Playback Media

  • 3D Blu-ray
  • Blue-ray Video
  • DVD-Video
  • DVD±R
  • DVD±RW

Power Consumption

  • Standby: 0.3 W
  • Operating: 34 W
  • Rating Voltage: AC100-240V ~50/60Hz Automatic Switching

Accessories Included In Box

  • Remote Control: TM1241
  • Battery: Yes

Approximate Dimensios:

  • Height: 1.76"
  • Width: 15.98"
  • Depth: 9.06"

Approximate Weight:

  • Unit: 4.19 lbs
  • Shipping: 6.17 lbs

220-240 volts 50 Hertz

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